“As a psychiatric patient, I was convinced that every pill my physician prescribed was exactly what I needed and if I would be consistent, (unlike my mother or grandfather,) I would be made well. Every time the pills stopped working, or I found myself sicker still, I was disappointed. When my father decided to force me to use his concoction based on the pig feed recipe, I thought he had lost his mind and I fought him. I knew the ‘pig pills’ would only make me worse and my doctor told me that taking them could hurt me and possibly lead to my death. Was I ever shocked when the visions and voices and mood swings quieted and I became rational and calm. It was wholly unexpected, unbelievable to me, and certainly not a placebo effect. If ever I were to ‘think myself better’ I would have done it years before the ‘pig pills’ saved me. Were it possible, I would have ‘thought myself better’ the first time my doctor prescribed a drug.” – Autumn Stringam author of “A Promise of Hope” (2007)

Here’s some more…

I have improved 89-90%. I feel energetic, happy, and my depression is gone.
– Juan Luis Martin
Joleen continues using the supplement program as her symptoms return when she forgets doses. She says “Life without EMPower is unimaginable.”
– Joleen
I thought life and health was for others. I have been able to live a life I only dreamed of since I have been the recipient of Empowerplus.
– Suzanne
Empowerplus has given me back my health and life and has allowed me to become a wife and mother.
– Sabine
There are so many ways in which EMPowerplus has helped our son. We now tell anyone and everyone about our success.
– Albert
I do not experience any symptoms related to Bipolar Disorder, and have not since starting Empowerplus. Your product has given me back my life.
– Gayle
I feel calm and centered. My world is once again stable and whole. My future seems bright and I love life again.
– Anne Klein
I am so thankful that the developers took the time and effort to make this available after it showed promise within their family.
– Nichole
Both I and my husband and our children have reaped great benefits from this miracle product. Supplementing is a way of life and the benefits are real every day in our family.
– The T’s from Nevada
I’m the youngest of three, with two older brothers. I don’t remember much of my youth but I do recall my mother’s breakdowns—sobbing in a heap on the floor. It was very sad for us to see her like that, and I didn’t understand what was going on. One day we woke up and found that she had overdosed on pills and had left us behind. That’s where my story really begins.
– Sarah C.
I have been on EMPowerplus for two years now last June. I was able to get a job working 5 days a week, a big improvement from when I was on medications. Back then I was hardly able to work one full day a week.
– Amber
At the end of the six week period, Lu said, “I could feel something different in my life… I wasn’t quite so hopeless… I was still not willing to admit, though, that this stuff was helping… [but] I decided I was going to just try it just a little bit longer…”
– Lu
Before I was on EMPowerplus I had two speeds, fast forward and off. People now find me calm, evenly paced, yet energized and happy.
– Terrie P.

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Who do you know who is suffering?

Who do you know who is suffering?